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Arts Quarter offers a mix of hands-on client delivery and thought leadership – each informs the effectiveness of the other as we work with our clients to deliver stronger brands, enhanced communications, effective staff and volunteer structures and improved revenues.

Our independence, as a private sector agency, allows us to nurture new ways of thinking and challenge convention within our client sectors based on our direct expertise, wider knowledge base and networks.

AQ clients gain from the wealth of knowledge and expertise of our Partners and Associates. Our approach is pragmatic and grounded, based on our knowledge and collective expertise in the field. While your issues may not be unique – we treat them as if they are and we strive to create solutions that will resonate with your expectations and values. None of our deliverables are taken off the shelf. We know that simple language and effective communication gives the best results over the shortest time.

The diversity of our client base means that we are constantly stimulated and retain our passion and commitment for what we do. Our client spread means that we are able to migrate new ways of working across sectors and disciplines.

Our intelligence is founded on the input of the many hundreds of organisations who regularly take part in our research projects which we manage via AQ Knowledge. Everyone benefits from this work in that we are committed to providing unbiased and sometimes provocative reporting free-of-charge to stimulate debate and build capacity. Through this work we are able to act as wholly independent and effective advocates and policy advisers. We believe that our research work is important to us and valued by the sectors we support and serve.

Internationally, we work with bodies who share in our vision and values. In a global economy, these relationships are vital to our own development and the knowledge that we are able to call on to serve our clients where ever they are based.


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