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November 2008 Olympics Impact Report Highlights Concern within the Arts

Today, Arts Quarter launched the findings from its recent survey among arts professionals on the perceived impacts of the 2012 Games on the UK Cultural Sector.

The findings of AQ’s Survey entitled Impacts of the 2012 Olympics on the UK Cultural Sector make for sobering reading and should provide ample opportunity for reflection by arts funding bodies in the public and private sectors as well as Olympic organisers.

Based on the findings of the AQ Report, many within the arts remain largely unmoved by commitments to ensure that the arts are at the heart of the 2012 Games. The majority of respondents to this poll remain neutral on the positive benefits of the Games for the arts, even though there is evidence among respondents of isolated pockets of commitment to key programmes that are planned within the Cultural Olympiad and in support of the wider Games.

A substantial majority also feel that they may lose out financially as a direct consequence of 2012 from declining public and private sector support as well as from falls in admission revenues – potentially a double hit in light of current economic forecasts. In light of possible financial impacts from 2012, many stated that they are seeking to undertake remedial work of their own to maintain their financial viability within an increasingly competitive environment when sport is likely to attract the bulk of commercial revenues and greater public engagement over the immediate four-year period.

Only a fifth of respondents presently consider there to be a possible positive legacy for the arts in achieving wider audience engagement out of the 2012 Games.

Viewpoints among respondents based in across the UK differed significantly from those held within the Host City itself. While close to 37% of respondents in London felt a degree of optimism for the UK cultural community out of 2012, optimism fell significantly to 14% of respondents elsewhere in the UK. Similarly looking at how individual organisations may benefit out of 2012, only 6% of respondents outside of London felt that their own organisations would prosper compared to an equally disappointing 22% in London.

The prevailing view across all areas of questioning was an evident lack of understanding of potential opportunities and a clear sense of inadequate information as to how the wider arts sector might looking to engage with 2012.

To request a full copy of this AQ Report free of charge, click here



August 2008 AQ Launches Olympics Survey

In the wake of the euphoria following the return home of Team GB and the passing of the Olympic mantle to London and the UK, Arts Quarter LLP has launched a national on-line survey to gauge current opinion among those working within the cultural community about the 2012 Games.

In launching the Survey, John Nicholls - managing partner of AQ commented, 'With our recent Olympic success in Beijing and the eyes of the world now focussing on London and the UK as a whole, we are keen to seek out current perceptions within the cultural community to the 2012 Games and their perceived impacts on the cultural sector.'

This survey will remain live from 28th August until 15th September and is open to all members of the UK cultural sector to take part.

Topline results will be made available on this website in early October.

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May 2008 Legacy Prospect Database Joins WID Portfolio

Following on from the success of the Wealth Intelligence Database (WID) in helping organisations to identify key individual prospects, Prospecting for Gold and AQ have now launched the Legacy Prospect Database (LPD).

Like WID, LPD enables organisations to benchmark their existing datasets against 1.6 million records of individuals with property portfolios valued in excess of 400,000 alongside information on age, years of residency as well as other attributes of relevance to legacy fund-raising.

John Nicholls, Managing Partner of Arts Quarter LLP commented, "Planned Giving Campaigns are a vital component to sustaining the long term future of not-for-profit organisations and can be one of the most cost effective ways of raising large scale gifts. With the challenge being constantly on raising funding to meet today's organisational needs, at last there is now a tool available in the marketplace which will allow organisations with limited resources to step back and plan for their futures."



March 2008 AQ Launches Professional Development Survey

Arts Quarter LLP has launched a National Survey on professional development opportunities for senior professionals in the cultural and not for profit sectors.

In launching the online survey, John Nicholls, managing partner of AQ commented,

"Since launching in January of this year, we have been approached by a range of potential partners inviting us to create a series of professional development opportunities for senior staff members and volunteers working within the cultural and wider not-for-profit communities. Many of our clients and friends across the sectors have also asked us to give thought to responding to their career needs. Before doing so, we wanted to understand fully the aspirations of potential participants and look to meet those as effectively as possible."

AQ's online survey will be live from 11th - 31st March and takes just a few minutes to complete. It aims to build up a wealth of data which will provide a true picture of the professional development needs of those senior staff working in marketing, communications, general management and fund-raising and the senior volunteers who often support them. AQ hopes that the results of this survey will lead to the development of a series of new-style training and development programmes.



February 2008 AQ signs up Wealth Intelligence Database

As part of its suite of audience data analysis tools which already include Experian's Mosaic Micromaketer and Truetouch, Arts Quarter has this week signed an exclusive agreement with Prospecting for Gold - creators of The Wealth Intelligence Database - the UK's leading database of the wealthy and influential - to allow cultural organisations to mine their audience data for potential donors and private sector partners.

The Wealth Intelligence Database has been compiled from over 20 independent wealth management data sources held in the public domain over the last 17 years and contains some 300,000 individual data records for UK-based individuals with assets valued at in excess of 500 billion. The Wealth Intelligence Database enables organisations to benchmark their own current donor, audience and other stakeholder databases against the data sets published on Faststats and thereafter focus the efforts of their fund-raising campaigns based on the outputs of this filtering exercise.

John Nicholls, Managing Partner of AQ LLP commented, 'Following a lengthy period of discussion with the creators of the Wealth Intelligence Database, we are pleased to bring this extraordinary filtering tool to the cultural sector so that we are able to work with our clients to determine the focus of their fund-raising campaigns to ensure effective returns of investment.'

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