AQ Launches Fund-raising & Revenue Generation Survey

8th January - 6th February 2009


Arts Quarter LLP has launched its latest online research project to explore the affects of the current economic downturn on the UK cultural and wider not-for-profit sectors.

This important piece of research will aim to build a clear picture of private sector fund-raising and wider revenue generation performance across all art-forms and regions of the UK. In order to compare arts sector performance with the wider charity sector, we are also inviting non-arts charities to participate so that we can build a national picture of wider charity sector fund-raising performance alongside that of the arts.

It is important that as many arts organisations and indeed other not-for-profit organisations as possible participate in this piece of research, so please mention this project to colleagues and friends across both sectors and direct them to this website where they will be able to pick up a link to this Survey and take part for themselves.

Commenting on its latest research project, John Nicholls, managing partner of Arts Quarter stated, 'We hope that this will be the largest audit of its type on fund-raising and revenue generation performance across the wider charitable sector at this time. It is important that individual organisations have an opportunity to assess their individual performance against that of their peers from within their own sectors and regions as well as the capacity to draw on the wider experiences of the UK charity community."

The findings of this Survey will be published free of charge in mid February and with wide-spread participation by the cultural community and other not-for profits, all communities will be able to benchmark their own performance.

Findings will also inform key decision-makers on the state of these two vital sectors to the UK economy as a whole.


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