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Challenges and Opportunities for the UK Dance Sector:  A new research project by Arts Quarter

Spring 2015


With our established background of supporting dance artists and organisations and a provenance in working within the dance community stretching back over 25 years, Arts Quarter is launching a new research project in Spring 2015 seeking to explore and plot developments across the UK dance community.

This new project invites dance artists and companies of all scales to share information in confidence as to how their business models have evolved over the past three years at a time of profound change within the sector. The project also invites participants to share their aspirations for their organisations and the sector as a whole as many embark on a new period within their funding cycles. Findings will enable all who take part to gain a broader insight into how the sector is developing and indeed benchmark their own evolution against their peers in key areas including fundraising, wider revenue generation, developing relationships with stakeholders, application of digital media and governance best practice.

In commissioning this research project, we recognize the unique challenges that lie within the dance community. We hope that through a significant level of engagement by dance artists and organisations in this project, we will be able to create a valuable resource from which all within the dance community will be able to plot their own performance, understand better the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and plan accordingly


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