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Future of the Arts Survey

November/December 2014

2014 has been quite a remarkable one in the life of the UK and for the arts - it has been one of significant reflection about the future of this nation, politically and economically. For the UK cultural community it has been one of planning and forecasting, especially in the context of applying for public sector support. All of this thinking has been taking place in the context of an economy that continues to progress out of recession but in varying degrees according to leading thinkers in the field. Much has been learnt by the arts community in recent years which is enabling many, if not all, to think in detail about the opportunities and challenges that may lie ahead.

It seems inevitable that the change that has already been experienced by the UK arts community will continue well into the second half of this decade and so we are seeking to capture the current mood of UK artists and arts organisations as they look forward to the next five years - both aspirations and indeed reservations.

All information shared remains strictly confidential and will be unattributed in our reporting.

This survey has now closed.

Owing to the extended data collection period and volume of responses, we are now planning to publish findings in April 2015. If you are subscribed to the AQ email list or you supplied your contact details when taking part in this survey, you will be contacted when findings are published.


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