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At a time when all arts organisations are continuing to seek ways to manage down costs, Arts Quarter has launched a strategic partnership with Bluefin, one of the UK’s leading insurance brokers and experts in the charity sector, to help ensure that the insurance arrangements you have are cost efficient and provide effective cover.

This relationship between AQ and Bluefin has been in development for almost two years with AQ taking our latest service partner through a rigorous process of induction and due diligence ahead of formally establishing this relationship.

Bluefin’s confidential insurance stress test is an excellent alternative to carrying out a full formal review and can take place at any time in your insurance cycle. It measures the scope, effectiveness and value of your insurance policies and identifies areas which need to be improved without the lengthy process of a formal broker review.


Five good reasons to undertake an insurance stress test

The Charity Commission require you to assess your suppliers periodically.

Peace of mind – provided by expert evaluation of your insurance needs.

Risk management – to help you to understand and control your potential exposures.

Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) risk assessment overlaps into insurance.

Key stakeholders and funders are increasingly putting the microscope on accountability for spend – a Stress Test shows you are looking for best value across the whole of the market in regard to your insurance provision.


The Stress Test is a detailed check of your current insurance programme undertaken by Bluefin’s team of specialists working in the not-for-profit sector. They will review whether your current insurance policies provide effective cover for all your activities and identify any areas that might need improving.


About Bluefin

Bluefin is one of the UK’s leading independent insurance brokers offering individuals and companies comprehensive insurance advice. As experts in working in the not-for-profit sector, Bluefin’s dedicated team has been providing a range of market leading solutions to thousands of charity clients for over forty years and work with many different types of organisations from small independent groups through to multinational organisations.


Download our Stress Test factsheet here

To speak to us about next steps, email aq@bluefingroup.co.uk or call 01474 537 777

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At a time when everyone is looking for ways to make savings on core costs in order to continue to deliver great art - taking an Insurance Stress Test could be the ideal way to reduce expenditure and be sure that you are managing your risks effectively.